What’s your favorite part of working at Ultimate Jewelry Designs?

We asked our staff what they love about working at Ultimate Jewelry Designs. Their answers had a common theme and they most definitely did not disappoint!

Being in the middle of New York City, I see local customers from New York and customers coming from all over the world, people that I would never meet in my whole life but because I’m in this business in this area, I get to hear their love story and I become part of their life journey and they stay with me by sending pictures and following up.

And the best is part when they come to visit the city a few years later and they stop in to say hello and I think how awesome is that. That’s the best part of my job that I love.

The sales are obviously nice but people coming out of the blue from another country years later asking if I remember them? Of course I do!”



The people I work with!”


The customers, meeting new people and being a part of their journey. This is one of the most important milestones of their lives and for me it’s a big honor that they trust me and they are trusting their relationship and their questions with regards to one of their biggest purchases.”


My favorite part of working at Ultimate Jewelry Designs is being able to take the often overwhelming process of shopping for an affordable diamond engagement ring on 47th street and using my knowledge, with support from the Ultimate Wholesale Team behind the scenes, to make the process not only affordable, but fun, informative, and above all else transparent!”




Being part of people’s lives during that special moment. When searching for an engagement ring, its very easy to get confused or overwhelmed – there’s a lot of noise and a lot of different directions this process can go and people are worried about getting ripped off- but by treating them with respect and guiding them through the process and seeing the appreciation they exude when they come back and they’re glowing because they’re so happy and they truly appreciate what we do for them.”




Working with the family here. I don’t work here for the money I work here because I want to bring happiness to others. Customers are like my family and I want to help them make the best decision so they can buy a ring that they will love.”


Meeting people and making everybody happy. What’s most exciting is meeting all the different people I never thought I was gonna like that.”


Working with my best friend’s family it’s like being in their living room everyday!”


How do I know what type of engagement ring she will like?

This is one of the hardest and most important questions to answer. So much money and time is going into this buying decision, which is often a total surprise. So how do you ensure that your soon to be fiance actually likes the ring?

Generally, guys will have an idea of what his girl might want. But what if you don’t?

The best move would be to ask. Ask her friends or her family members who know her best and those who she would’ve confided in regarding her dream engagement ring. Find out if anybody knows her ring size at this time too.

If that doesn’t work and you still have no idea what type of ring to get her, don’t worry, we’re here to help. If you have no idea and she hasn’t hinted towards anything (or you haven’t picked up those hints), go simple and elegant. Round cut diamonds are the most popular for engagement rings and a solitaire setting is as simple and classic as it gets.


We like to recommend simple, elegant rings because they are timeless. At the end of the day, she loves you. She’s going to love you no matter what you give her. You should be confident. A diamond engagement ring is simply one part of the amazing journey the two of you are on.


Now, if you think she might want something a little more elaborate and contemporary we got you covered too. In this case, we would recommend going with a ring with a halo. This is also a great way to optimize your budget because the halo accentuates the center stone.


Another option here would be to go with a fancy shaped diamond, such as an oval or princess cut diamond. Generally, a 1 carat fancy shaped cut will look larger than a 1 carat round cut, so this is a great way to go big without going over your budget.

Now let’s say you think she wants something more serious. In this case, you want to go with a 3 stone ring, which has that more mature feel to it.




An important thing to keep in mind here is, if after you propose and she wants side stones, you can always add them and change the mounting later. If you find out later she wants baguettes, or something else on the mounting, we can change or modify the setting to make her happy.


At the end of the day, when choosing engagement rings, trust your gut and instincts. If your initial reaction is “That’s beautiful!” – get it! The same way you look at your girlfriend and you know she’s beautiful and she’s the one, if you get the same feeling the first time you look at a ring, get it! If you love it, she’ll love it!


Engagement Ring Buying Advice from Ultimate Jewelry Designs

We asked our top salespeople what advice they give customers trying to make one of the most important purchases of their lives. Here’s what they answered:

– “Trust your gut. Whether you’re researching online or wherever, if you’re gut doesn’t think it’s right don’t buy it. If it’s out of your price comfort zone, don’t spend the money. At the end of the day, either you buy a big or a small diamond, it’s gonna cost you no matter what, but if you trust your instinct and feel you spent your money wisely and did the right thing, that’s what matters.”

– “Be prepared, know what you want. When you know what you want it’s easier to make a decision. If you don’t know and you tell the salesperson you don’t know they can’t help you as well. Be firm and confident.”

– “Keep your budget in mind, research your options carefully with people who will educate you about what you’re buying and will help and teach you along the way. Have fun, enjoy the experience, these are all memories that adds to the story. This is one part of the great story of your relationship.”

– “When you feel the right chemistry with a salesperson from the very beginning and you feel comfortable, you have to make a judgement that it’s genuine and you’re talking to someone who loves their job, you know you found the right person to start your journey. Find someone you like, someone personable who makes the experience better, who greets you with strong eye contact and a genuine smile, not a fake smile.

This a journey because it’s not about just you, it’s about bringing this woman into your life you’re taking a big step and you gotta feel good about it.

We know this is exciting and scary and nerve wracking and you’re going to be skeptical and worrisome. You’re about to spend a lot of money and you may be worrying what if she doesn’t like it? What if she doesn’t like the setting? What if her friends don’t think it’s big enough? Don’t doubt yourself. You love her, buy it, live your life, don’t worry about all the what ifs. You love her she loves you that’s all that matters.”

– “Deal with someone you like and you can trust.”

– “Come to Ultimate!”

– “Come up with a realistic budget and try to stick to it.”


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Top 5 Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings 2017

Top 5 Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings 2017

  1. Halo – The halo setting is in high demand in 2017. There’s a lot to love about halos. They make the diamond look bigger and create contrast between the center stone and side stones, which really brings out the artistic side. Depending on the center stone, the halo can really accentuate the shape of the diamond, allowing you to see more of the curves. If the halo setting is done right, the whole ring looks gorgeous and big. Who doesn’t want gorgeous and big?DSC_0305
  2. Solitaire – Solitaire has always been a classic. You can’t change classic overnight. This design is very elegant and classy, simple and not overly flashy. It’s timeless for a reason. We recommend going with a solitaire with micro pave on the band.DSC_0205
  3. Oval – Oval shaped diamonds are huge right now. Ladies are always searching for something different, something more beautiful, and something bigger. That’s where oval comes in. Round has always been very popular, and for the last 5-6 years, cushion diamonds have been what every lady wanted. 2017 is the year of the oval. It’s a longer shape so it appears bigger than cushion diamonds. Blake Lively certainly helped popularize the oval shape as well. When celebrities are sporting certain diamonds, people are going to talk about it, and ultimately, want it.Ring10020_face
  4. Three Stone – There has been a lot of love for the three stone setting diamond engagement rings, particularly with round or emerald cut center stones. Tapered baguettes also add classic, elegant, and timeless characteristics to the ring. Three rounds represent past, present and future. This popular diamond engagement ring helps to tell the story of the couple from their beginnings to their long future journey together, bridged together by the proposal – the present. Also known as trilogy rings, these three stones may represent friendship, love and fidelity.sr-h778(1)
  5. Rose or Yellow Gold Settings– These metals enhance color by contrasting against the whiteness of the diamond, helping the center stone stand out more. Many people consider the rose gold to be the most romantic of all the gold settings, while the yellow gold is the purest. Rose gold is also more affordable and looks great on both men and women’s wedding bands.010037_1w (1)

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